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Global Club Competition
November, 21-23,  2003
in Mannheim, Germany

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Organizing Committee
Käthe Kollwitz Strasse 23
D-68169 Mannheim

Telefax +49.621.304418
Email mail@global-club.de
Internet www.global-club.de



On behalf of the Organizing Committee it is an honor and pleasure to herewith invite you to take part in the Global Club Competition which will be held in accordance with the 2002 Regulations of the International Skating Union and the 



Mannheim, Germany
Eissportzentrum Herzogenried (EZH)



Every club affiliated to an ISU member is eligible to participate.



In accordance with Rule 119, the Organizing Committee assumes no responsibility with respect to medical, bodily or personal injury or property loss or damage sustained or caused in connection with this Competition.


Medical Insurance

It is the sole responsibility of each Member, on behalf of its participating clubs, to ensure or provide medical and accident insurance for their athletes. Proof of such shall be requested by the Organizing Committee. See Rule 119.



Entries can be made in the following categories;


Ladies Senior

Men Senior

Ladies Junior A

Men Junior A

Ladies Junior B

Men Junior B

Ladies Junior C

Men Junior C

Ladies Relay Team

Men Relay Team

Each club can enter freely in each category, except the Relay category in which each Club can enter only one (1) Ladies Team and one (1) Men Team. The category Relay Teams is for Seniors only. Clubs that wish to enter in the Relay Team category but do not have four (4) Senior skaters may enter a maximum of two(2) Junior A skaters to complete the team.

Each club can enter different numbers of skaters, e.g. a club can enter 4 men in the category Men individually only and enter them also as a Relay Team, a club can enter 3 Ladies, 2 Men Junior B and 1 Lady Junior A. Each combination is possible and all skaters contribute to the results of their club. A boy in category Junior B scores points for his club just as a Senior Lady does in her group.

In the case of an unmanageable number of entries reductions can be made by the organizers together with the respective Members. The I.S.U.Technical Committee will be consulted. In this respect the total number of skaters in all categories per club may be limited and/or the number of Clubs may be limited. Principles like global representation, regional representation and first come, first serve shall be applied.

Each Club must contact its national association in order to enter this Competition. Members are expected to immediately forward all information to their Clubs.


Entry Details


  • Preliminary Entries must be received by September 6th, 2003 and shall include the number of skaters from the Club concerned. If any reduction on these numbers is required the Member and Clubs concerned shall be informed by the Organizing Committee before September 15th, 2003
  • Entry Confirmations must be received by October 20th , 2003 and must include all relevant Club data plus the number of participants per category.
  • Final Entries must be received by November 10th, 2003 and must include all detailed data of the participating athletes. Entry forms are available on request and on the organizers internet site. For each athlete the best time over each distances must be supplied for seeding purposes.
  • The respective Member of the ISU must certify that all named competitors are eligible persons, according to the 2002 ISU Regulations, and fulfill the following Rules: Rule 102 - Eligibility; Rule 108, paragraph 1 Senior and Junior; Rule 109: paragraphs 2&3 - Citizenship/Residence; Rule 109, paragraph 1 - Entries. Members are reminded of their responsibilities in ensuring that the information is correct. Please note Rule 108 paragraph 4 - Penalties.

Required Equipment

Equipment and uniforms must be according to Rule 282, paragraph 8, Rule 294 and the General Regulations of the International Skating Union


Conditions of Contest

First and foremost there will be an overall club classification. Points for this classification can be scored in various categories, e.g. Ladies, Men, Seniors, Juniors and Relay Team.

In all Categories the program shall be based on an All Finals System over Single Distances. The All Final System is used in order to guarantee all participants a minimum number of races.


Track Condition and Rink Dimensions

The Mannheim Ice Stadium has 2 artificially refrigerated, indoor ice surfaces of 60 x 30 meters. Both rinks will be used for the competition.



Senior 1500, 500, 1000

Junior A 1500, 500, 1000

Junior B 1500, 500, 1000

Junior C 1500, 500, 1000

Relay Teams 3000 Relay for Ladies

5000 Relay for Men



Thursday Training

Friday     09:00-15:00 Competition Juniors

             15:00-21:00 Competition Seniors

Saturday 09:00-15:00 Competition Juniors

             15:00-21:00 Competition Seniors

Sunday    09:00-14:00 Competition

The program is subject to change by the Organizing Committee.


All Finals System

A graphical explanation of the All-Finals-System is the best way to explain this principle. Based on the participation the All Final System will be adopted for each category and distance.


Seeding Procedure

The first round of each distance shall be made on the basis of the personal best time supplied with the Final Entries.

The Seeding Procedure for the Top Level Races of the All Finals System in other qualifying rounds shall be made in accordance with Rule 283, paragraph 3. The Competitors Steward will make up the races of the Lower Level Races of the All Final System as much as possible in conformity with Rule 283, paragraph 3.


Number of Skaters per Race

The maximum number of skaters in semi-finals and finals is limited according to Rule 282, paragraph 2 for the Top Level Races of the All Finals System only.



Due to the All Final Systems disqualifications are implemented differently. A skater being disqualified in a qualifying round will be allowed to skate in the next round, but on a level one stage lower than if she/he would have finished last in her/his race.

At the same moment, the best skater from that lower level (i.e. the heat-winner with the best time) is promoted to the higher level replacing the disqualified skater.

Disqualification in a final: one point less than the last place in that final.

This additional conditions towards disqualifications do not apply in the case of a yellow card.


Classification and Points scoring

For all categories an Individual Classification will be made over each distance on the basis of the results in the finals only.

From each Distance Classification points will be awarded to the club. Only the four best results, independent of the category, will be taken.

If the club participates with a Team in the Relay event then the points scored by the relay team, either men or ladies, will replace a maximum of 4 results that are lower than the results of the relay team.

On each individual distance the points depend on the number of qualifying rounds scheduled on the final program.

Basic point scores are 50 for 1st place, 49 for 2nd place, etc. down to 1. All finishers will receive at least one (1) base point on each distance. For each qualifying round ten(10) will be added to all participants on that distances. E.g. if there are 5 qualifying rounds (preliminaries, heats, quarter finals, semi finals and finals) the maximum number of points is 100 and are awarded 100, 99, 98, 97, 96, 95, 94, etc. If there are 3 qualifying rounds (heats, semi finals and finals) the maximum number of points is 80 and are awarded 80, 79, 78, 77, 76, etc.

For the relay event, the maximum points are equal to those of the distance with the highest number of qualifying rounds.

In the case of a tie in the Final Club Classification the best results in the Relay, either Men or Ladies, will decide. If the tie persists the principle of best places on the Distance Classifications will be taken into consideration. If the tie further persists the results of the other skaters of the respective clubs will break the tie.



For all categories there will be on all distances medals for the skaters or teams finishing first, second and third. For the Overall Club Classification there will be Trophies for the Clubs ranked first, second and third.



All results will be made available on internet and accessible via the Organizers Website. A complete, printed set of results or CD-rom will be forwarded to each ISU Member having clubs participating in the Event. For practical reasons such complete sets of printed results can not be given to all participating athletes. Complete printed sets of results or CD-rom will be given to the participating Clubs.


Board and Lodging

Each participating club is solely responsible for its own costs of board and lodging.



A valid passport or acceptable certificate of identification is required of all people entering Germany. Passports must be valid for longer than the period of stay in Germany.

Regarding Visa requirements: please consult with your travel agent or the German Embassy in your country. Should you need, for purpose of obtaining a visa, a specific invitation, please send a request to the Organizing Committee.

Hotel Information

All Information can be found at




or contact the Organizing Committee.


Travel Information

Mannheim can be easily reached by Car or Train. Travellers by Airplane are adviced to go through Frankfurt Airport and further by train. From Airport Hahn travellers should rent a car.

Detailed information can be found on the organizers web site.