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Global Club Competition
November, 21-23,  2003
in Mannheim, Germany


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Entries can be made in the following categories;


Ladies Senior

Men Senior

Ladies Junior A

Men Junior A

Ladies Junior B

Men Junior B

Ladies Junior C

Men Junior C

Ladies Relay Team

Men Relay Team

Each club can enter freely in each category, except the Relay category in which each Club can enter only one (1) Ladies Team and one (1) Men Team. The category Relay Teams is for Seniors only. Clubs that wish to enter in the Relay Team category but do not have four (4) Senior skaters may enter a maximum of two(2) Junior A skaters to complete the team.

Each club can enter different numbers of skaters, e.g. a club can enter 4 men in the category Men individually only and enter them also as a Relay Team, a club can enter 3 Ladies, 2 Men Junior B and 1 Lady Junior A. Each combination is possible and all skaters contribute to the results of their club. A boy in category Junior B scores points for his club just as a Senior Lady does in her group.

In the case of an unmanageable number of entries reductions can be made by the organizers together with the respective Members. The I.S.U.Technical Committee will be consulted. In this respect the total number of skaters in all categories per club may be limited and/or the number of Clubs may be limited. Principles like global representation, regional representation and first come, first serve shall be applied.

Each Club must contact its national association in order to enter this Competition. Members are expected to immediately forward all information to their Clubs.


Entry Details

  • Preliminary Entries must be received by September 6th, 2003 and shall include the number of skaters from the Club concerned. If any reduction on these numbers is required the Member and Clubs concerned shall be informed by the Organizing Committee before September 15th, 2003
  • Entry Confirmations must be received by October 20th , 2003 and must include all relevant Club data plus the number of participants per category.
  • Final Entries must be received by November 10th, 2003 and must include all detailed data of the participating athletes. Entry forms are available on request and on the organizers internet site. For each athlete the best time over each distances must be supplied for seeding purposes.
  • The respective Member of the ISU must certify that all named competitors are eligible persons, according to the 2002 ISU Regulations, and fulfill the following Rules: Rule 102 - Eligibility; Rule 108, paragraph 1 Senior and Junior; Rule 109: paragraphs 2&3 - Citizenship/Residence; Rule 109, paragraph 1 - Entries. Members are reminded of their responsibilities in ensuring that the information is correct. Please note Rule 108 paragraph 4 - Penalties.